2beta1 Impressions – Tags

Tags buttonSo this is my second article about my impressions on the Thunderbird 2.0 beta 1. I just pulled up a screen shot from one of my earlier postings and noticed the new addition to the default toolbar: a Tags button. When I click on an email, the Tags button becomes usable and allows me to tag a message. The default tags are: Tags menuImportant, Work, Personal, To Do, & Later. You also have the option to Remove Tags and make New Tag. From the updates list on Mozilla’s site yesterday, tags are used to sort messages. That’s a very similar idea to Google’s Gmail, rather than using folders, you tag messages and choose to view by the tag. Let’s see how easy that is…

Fun! Ok, so when you add a tag to a message, it highlights the entire message line with that color, then changes the font color in the message line to the tag’s color. You can set and change the tags colors to be whatever you want (personally I plan to set them to reflect my iCal colors…).

Messages Being Tagged

You also see that when you tag a message, the tag now shows up in the message headers Message Header with Tagfor that message. This wuld be especially helpful if you have more than one tag for a message and the color only tells one fo those tags.

Tag also now shows up as an option for your messages headers too. That will make it much easier to find a particular message without having to file it first or even searchTags Sort header for it.

Setting up a “smart folder” using the tags is not so easy…at least not right now. I tried to setup what they are calling a “Saved Search” using my new tag Workorders as my search criteria, but it wouldn’t let me choose a folder to search in, so I can’t finish setting it up. We’ll just report that one as a bug. Overall though, this could be a very useful feature and I could see this replacing some of my normal message filters as well as some subfolders.

These will be very helpful. I can already picture setting a dozen message filters to automatically tag messages and having them show up in Saved Searches…if they ever work. 🙂


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