2beta1 Impressions – Preferences & Accounts

December 18, 2006

This is the third article about my impressions on the 2.0beta 1 version of Thunderbird.

2b1 Preferences General

None of the major categories for Preferences changed. However, the options inside these preferences have made some changes; some good, some bad.

• They added the sound notification option as a part of the main area, rather than a form reached by hitting a button. The function for sound notifiction still needs a tweak or two (at least on the Mac it does), but I know lots of people use this and its nice that they’ve moved out from the shadows. My favorite is still the Holy Grail quote “Message for you, Sir!”

• There is a new Tags subtab under Display that allows you add, edit, and delete your tags. I was wondering where you’d do that exactly.

• A great new addition is moving part of the Junk Mail Controls into the preferences. I was hoping for this feature because I do get a lot of user questions about where to set this up and it was confusing to users to have the Junk Mail Controls somewhere beside in the preferences. Of course, I think the Account Settings should also be in the preferences too, but maybe that’s just me.

• There are quite a few other changes, but I’ll hit those in detail once the final release comes out, since these might be changed by then anyway…

Account Settings
2b1 Account Settings
So not all the Junk Mail Controls moved into the preferences. Anything dealing with specfic accounts was moved into Account Settings. There is a new section called Junk Settings that has most of the settings for Junk Mail Controls here. Minor change, but better than having a separate place for them. Other than that, there aren’t any major changes here.