2.0beta1 Impressions

I’ve decided as I’m writing this to split up my impressions and notices of the changes into several different posts. I don’t typically write alot unless I get questions, so I’ll be able to add several different posts over the next few days about the 2.0 beta 1. Here are just my first impressions:

I’m hoping there will be many impressive improvements already added to the app that will make my user’s lives a little easier. FYI: I backed up my mail folder, just in case this thing decides to take dump on me… Here we go:

The icon is the same, no changes there, and it installs the same (at least on a Mac), so cool.

It did check out my add-ons for compatibility and disabled three of them: MoreCols, Contacts Sidebar, & Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export. Apparently, these don’t have official support for 2.0 yet, althought Lightning & Foxytunes were left alone so we have some add-on developers that are ahead of the game.

Full Screen Shot 2beta1

With the app open now, I don’t really notice any major changes. It looks a little more like Apple’s Mail, but not by much. Maybe this will change a little more once the final release comes along.

Tags buttonI did notice the new Tags button, and eventually, the new Folder Views bar. I’ll write in more detail about those later.

I couldn’t get the Folder Summary Popups or the New Mail Notifications to work for me. Since its a developer release, I won’t gripe too much, but those would have been nice to see in action.

Overall, I’m digging where it’s going. There are certain things that I would love to see changed or added at a much faster pace, but I understand that quick development and good quality product don’t necessarily go together. More reviews are coming…


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