How to export a group

November 29, 2006

Ok, I normally don’t post tips about using an extension, but this one is too good to pass up, and I’ve had a bunch of people asking…

So you want to export a one of your lists and send them to someone else? The easiest way to do that would be to use a vCard group and attach it to an email to that person. Unfortunately, Thunderbird doesn’t support vCards, at least not without an extension. Fortunately, a developer has made an extension for Thunderbird (named MoreCols) that allows Thunderbird to import, export, and use vCards. If you download and install that extension (see this post for instructions), it will allow you to follow these instructions:

  1. Export vCardOpen Thunderbird and click on the Address Book icon at the top
  2. Click on the list/group you want to export
  3. Go to Tools > Actions for Lists > Export as VCF
    1. You can also right click (option-click for Macs) and go to Export as VCF
  4. This will open a Finder/Explorer window asking you where to save the file. Save the file in an easy to find location (like the desktop)
  5. Close the Address Book and click on the Write button
  6. Attach the file to this new email and ship it off to your buddy.

How to remove contacts from a list

September 25, 2006

If you want to remove someone from a list, click on that list, click on the person’s name you want to delete, and hit the Delete button at the top. This will remove them from the list…it will not delete from the address book.

How to make a list (or group)

September 25, 2006

Creating a new list and adding users to that list is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. New ListOpen Thunderbird
  2. Click on the Address Book button
  3. Select the address book where you want to create your list
  4. Click the New List button. Very important: lists are created in the address book you have selected. Be sure you select the correct address book for the list. This brings up a form.
  5. Give the list a name
  6. Hit the OK button. This will take you back to the address book

To add people to this list:

  1. Click on the address book where you just made the new list
  2. Find the user(s) you want to add to the list
  3. Click and drag the names to the list. Make sure before you let go that the name of the list highlights (that tells you are adding him to that list).
  4. Repeat this process for each person you want in that list.

You can double-check your work by clicking on the name of the list. This will show all the people that are in that list. Click back on the address book to continue adding people.

Lists vs. Address Books

September 25, 2006

There are big differences between a new address book and a list/group. Think of these as you would a phone book: there’s the Yellow Pages with the business listings and the White Pages with the individual listings. If someone was listed in both books, it would be rather confusing – is that the same person, which phone number would allow me to speak to that person, etc, etc. Try not to duplicate the same email addresses in multiple address books. Thunderbird will be confused and so will you….and then you’ll tech support…and none of us want that, or at least I ‘m sure they don’t.
An address book is basically a collection of contacts that are usually related in some way. For instance, the “Church” address book will probably have everyone from your church and the “Family” address book will have your family members.

A list is simply a collection of addresses within that address book that allows you to email a bunch of people at once, without having to add each person’s email address separately. For instance, if you wanted to email all your uncles, you would set up a list named “Uncles” inside the “Family” address book. It wouldn’t make sense to create the “Uncles” list inside the “Church” address book would it? Ok…maybe in some cases it would, but let’s just pretend it wouldn’t! I’ll write a follow-up article on Making a List with a step-by-step tutorial on creating a list and adding people to it.