2beta1 Impressions – Addys, Search, & Toolbar

Address Book

There are no major changes to the address book, which is really good, cause my users would freak! I was kinda hoping I’d see native support for vCard though. Looks like I’ll still have to depend on MoreCols for that. Hopefully, it will come later.

I did notice that if you right click on a card in the address book, there is an option for Instant Message this person. I choose that it started to open Adium, my chat app. pretty interesting. I would guess that only works if the person has a chat ID in their address book card.


I noticed that Find As You Type was on the list of new improvements. I, typically, don’t do lots of searching, but I do end up keeping a lot of my old mail in the trash and searching for something every once in a while. I tried this new feature and it seems to work great. It reminds me of the Spotlight on OS X. I’ll have to go back to and see what the major difference here is…again, I don’t do lots of searches, so I just don’t know.

2b1 Saved Search Form

They do have a new feature called Saved Searches. As a Mac user, these are called Smart Folders. Basically, you setup the criteria you want, give it a name, and when you go to that folder, it actually performs a search (based on your criteria) and loads the folder with things that match from the search. Of course, it doesn’t appear that way, it just looks like a folder with stuff in it, but the stuff automatically updates itself. I could bring up the Saved Searches form, but I couldn’t complete it. It was asking for a folder to search in (like Inbox, etc), but the button didn’t seem to work. Oh well, this is just a developer’s release…


I just went to go check the official improvements list to see what I was missing. The forward and back buttons! I’m still not sold on whether me or my users would end up using this a lot, but I can see how people would. It even switches folders to show you messages in other places that you’ve read. 2b1 Forward and Back buttonsOk, never mind, I would probably use this often. It looks like it only goes back/forward 11 messages. Hopefully, they will include some preferences settings to change that. I rip through 11 messages pretty quickly, so this would useless if it doesn’t go back further, or at least give you the option to go back further. There might be a setting in the Advanced Editor to tweak that…have to check that out…


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