Thunderbird released today!

Merry Christmas to us! Mozilla released Thunderbird today. They also released Firefox, which is cool, because I’ve been waiting for the first update to give 2.0 to my clients at the school. Anyway, here are the changes for this new version:

  • Improvements to product stability
  • Several security fixes:
    • Mail header processing heap overflows
    • Mozilla SVG Processing Remote Code Execution
    • XSS by setting img.src to javascript: URI
    • LiveConnect crash finalizing JS objects
    • Privilege escallation using watch point
    • CSS cursor image buffer overflow (Windows only)
    • Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

One Response to Thunderbird released today!

  1. Martin Nowers says:

    Is it possible to prevent “Re:” from appearing automatically in the subject box in TB 3?

    Self-evidently, whatever text appears is in that box IS the freaking subject, innit?

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