4 Responses to How to empty your trash automatically

  1. Rachel says:

    One of our users has NOT set the “empty trash on exit” check box, but finds that his Trash mailbox only ever has 1 day’s worth of deleted mail. He likes to use the Trash mailbox to “hold” mail for a while before deleting it permanently. What could be happening to his Trash mailbox that would cause mail to get deleted permanently after one day? He has no filters set that would cause this to happen.

  2. Slushman says:

    There two places for setting that trash on exit setting. One for Local Folders, the other for the actual account. Be sure to check both places. If it’s not those, then I have no clue… šŸ™‚

  3. Charlie says:

    @Rachel: Check the “retention policy” for the trash folder.

  4. straight from the source

    How to empty your trash automatically | The unofficial how-to blog for Thunderbird

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