24 Responses to How to Reply Above a Quoted Message

  1. Still at bottom says:

    Well… For some reason my signature is still at the bottom… My “Automatically quote original message when replying” is checked, and “start my reply above the quote” is selected in the dropdown. Signature is still at the bottom of the message, so if this is a long email thread its all the way down. Very annoying 😦

  2. one19 says:

    Your screenshot shows “and place my signature below my reply (above the quote)”

    That’s not on my version of Thunderbird (2.x). Is that an extension?

  3. one19 says:

    Sorry about that, it’s there. I just missed it the first time. Works like a charm! Thanks

  4. Abhishek says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. Exactly what I required.

  5. Abhishek says:

    Hey there is a problem . The signature comes at the bottom of the complete mail(chain) body. This is not what I desired. The signatures should also be on the top?

  6. Abhishek says:

    Damn there is one more option to select where to put the signature. I have now chosen to place the signature below the reply(above the quote) and it works fine πŸ™‚ thx a lot!!

  7. Richard says:

    Howdy…is there a way to not use your signature on Reply? I only want to tack it onto new messages.
    If I’m going back and forth with somebody, we have to wade through all of my sigs…bluck.

  8. Slushman says:

    Hey Richard,

    I don’t see a way to make that happen right now. There might be some ways to accomplish that using some plug-ins or add-ons, but it doesn’t appear to be built into Thunderbird. I know that Mozilla now has a dedicated group that’s working on Thunderbird, so you might drop them a line an let them know about your idea. I agree it would be nice, but it might be the kind of thing that would only be addressed by an add-on too.

    I would recommend just deleting your sig when you respond to them. Not sexy, but it works.

  9. Elijah says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  10. JPD says:

    If you still can’t get it go here: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=2006051605271325

    Looks like a bug to me… I had the same problem when I installed t-bird on vista

  11. Terri says:

    I have checked start my reply above the quote and place my signature below the quote and it still puts the response message below the original message. So annoying, any suggestions on what I am doing wrong??

  12. bruce says:

    yes, you need to set this option on the main page TOOLS > ACCOUNTS > Composition etc

    AS WELL AS within each identity in MANAGE IDENTITIES

    I had the same problem until i did that

  13. Rebecca says:

    I’m able to get my desired option (my reply above message, signature below my reply) to work for only ONE of my identities. Even though it appears that I can change it for each identity, it never works and always puts both my reply and signature below the message. Any idea how to set this so that all my identities work the same?

    woman of many hats

  14. David S says:

    You have to select a sig file for each indentity. Until you select the sig file the option is grayed. However I am using the signature switch. If you select a sig file the sig switch does not work. Or if you don’t select a sig file then the sig switch works but the sig is always at the bottom. Frustrating!

  15. Vernon says:

    Great, thanks. I actually lost a car (one I was trying to by) because if it. I kept emailing this sales man and he kept replying with the same questions. I was to busy at the time, and stuck in the desert, to do much about it. Only actually realized afterwards that he had just seen my original email to him with his reply below. Why would he scroll down. It’s a strange setting on Thunderbird’s part. Thanks for the help.

  16. Chris says:

    Thanks for the help!
    That addition tip fixed it for me…

    The one about changing the signature location setting in BOTH the Managing Identities window(button on the Main Account Setting menu) and the Composition&Addressing menu.

  17. Chris says:

    To return the favor:
    I had been banging my head against the wall attempting to include a small gif (our company’s logo/masthed) in my signature, but Thunderbird would not pass the image file.

    The secret lies in this line of code Joe Dohn

    Tip of the keyboard to: http://www.freeemailtutorials.com/mozillaThunderbird/emailSignature.cwd

  18. Chris says:

    The code did not show in the last post.

    Here’s a second attempt:
    img moz-do-not-send=”false” src=”file:///C:/image.gif” alt=”Signature” Joe Dohn

    Just be sure to place an html bracket before img and after the closed “(quote mark) that appears after Signature.

  19. maciek says:

    Thanks so much !!!

  20. Thank you for the info/screenshot.
    Posting below comes from the old newsgroup best etiquette days. i.e. it was considered the way you should reply.

  21. divina says:

    Thanks to this! πŸ™‚

  22. protlak says:

    Thank you for that.

  23. Richard Stuart says:

    Quote after reply- this option no longer works?? Was fine on earlier version I have set and reset it. exited and re-opened etc. etc. – No change, Tried on the option for insert text at the beginning/top – without signature option selected. I am using 6.0.2 of Thunderbird.

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