How to change how messages are forwarded

When messages are forwarded from Thunderbird, by default, they are sent as an attachment to the new message. If, like me, you prefer that the forwarded message be sent inline (as in readable at the bottom of your new message), then you’ll need to change the default setting. Here’s how:forwardingprefs

On a Mac, go to Thunderbird > Preferences; on a PC, go to Tools > Options.

Go to the Composition tab, the General sub-tab.
The first option at the top deals with how messages are forwarded. Switch that setting from “As Attachment” to “Inline”


2 Responses to How to change how messages are forwarded

  1. Pete Coggeshall says:

    I have the inline box marked for the forwarding of messages — but some messages are still handled as an attachment. What gives? The program is not following instructions.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Slushman says:

    It could be that if messages are sent to you as an attachment, they will forward as an attachment to anyone else. Did they come as an attachment?

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