How to remove contacts from a list

If you want to remove someone from a list, click on that list, click on the person’s name you want to delete, and hit the Delete button at the top. This will remove them from the list…it will not delete from the address book.

4 Responses to How to remove contacts from a list

  1. Daniel Hudon says:


    I just installed the latest version of Tbird on my laptop and all is well…

    My problem isn’t deleting addresses but not adding them.
    I seem to have Tbird set such that any new replies get added
    to the address book. I’d rather put all new entries in manually (mostly because
    I’m a lecturer and don’t need all my students’ emails in my address book).
    i can’t seem to find a way to unset this. Can you help?


  2. Alvarado says:

    I do this, but the contact remains on the list.
    It behaves as if I have not done anything.
    I am using TB2

  3. Jane Guskin says:

    I’m having the same problem as the person above (unanswered since 2010!)–I delete, yet the person remains on the list. I can delete contacts altogether (from the main address book), but I can’t seem to delete contacts from specific lists.

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