Address Book Layout

The address book is accessible by the Address Book button on the main layout.addressbook

Across the top you have buttons just like the message browser:

New Card – This button pulls up a blank contact form. If you have a new person you want to add to your address book, this is the button you want. Pay close attention to which address book you have highlighted because it will add the new contact to that book. We’ll talk more about this later.

New List – This will make a group email list inside your address book. This is helpful if, for instance, you want to write all the people in your bible study group on a daily basis. Instead of adding each person’s email address to a blank email everyday, you can make a list with those people in it, then just write to that group and the message will go to everyone.

Properties – This button opens the information for an existing contact. If you need to change a contact’s name, email address, etc, this is the button for you.
Write – This button will bring up a new, blank message to the person/group you have highlighted.
Delete – This button deletes the selected contact, group, or address book.


One Response to Address Book Layout

  1. colin says:

    When I try to send a e-mail, I can’t figure out how to add an address to the to section automatically. can someone help me.

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