Basic Layout of the Interface

Check out the pic below. You can see there are 3 major areas to the interface, not including the toolbar, of course. Those areas are the Folders pane, the Message pane, and the Message Preview pane. This basic layout is the same for PC’s or Macs.

Interface with boxes

Folders: The Folders section is very similar to most email programs (Outlook, Eudora, Mail, Quickmail, etc). You can make folders to store your emails, or just stick with what’s provided. You can get as organized as you want.

Inbox – This is where all your new emails come in. You can add folders to the Inbox for sorting emails you want to save, but not keep in the main Inbox.

Unsent – This is where messages go that have not been sent, but you’ve already told them to be sent. It would be rare that you would have many (if any at all) messages here.

Drafts – Any messages you have saved, but not sent, will be in this folder. This is good if you want to reply to a message, but don’t want to send it yet.

Sent – This is where you will find all the messages you have sent to other people.

Junk – This folder contains any messages you have labeled as “Junk”. This will be the place to look if someone says they sent a message, but you never saw it in your Inbox.

Trash – When you delete a message, this is where it goes. If you didn’t mean to delete a message, you can drag out of here and back into your Inbox.

Messages: The Messages section is just a list of your messages. Unread messages will show up in a bolded font; messages in regular type have been read already.

Message Preview: The Message Preview section allows you read your emails without having to open a separate window to see them. If you click on a message in the Messages section, it will load in the Message Preview section.


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